Jambolão extract and potassium sorbate as antimicrobial components in active packaging





This study aimed to use the raw extract of jambolão (Syzygium cumini L.) and potassium sorbate as antimicrobial components in cellulose acetate films and evaluate their potential for application as active packaging forsugar-free banana preserve. The films  were prepared using the casting method and evaluated for thickness and inhibition potential. The efficiency of the films as active packaging, in situ, was evaluated through the enumeration of aerobic mesophiles and mold and yeast over 36 days of storage of banana preserves.
Furthermore, in order to analyze the fungicidal effect of the films against banana preserve with an initial load of microorganisms, mold and yeast were counted for 25 days of storage. The results showed that the incorporation of crude jambolão extract increased the film thickness, and its inhibition potential was similar to the film with incorporated potassium sorbate. Furthermore, the film with crude jambolão extract reduced mold and yeast growth by up to 1 log cycle over 36 days of storage. Furthermore, the use of the film with potassium sorbate promoted the same effect as this preservative added directly to the fruit preserve and proved to be efficient even with relevant initial contamination. Thus, the use of these active packagings presents an opportunity for industries as they reduce health risks and improve the safety and quality of preserves.


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Dias, A. C. C., Alves, J. J. S., dos Santos, I. S. ., da Cunha, L. R. ., & Pereira, P. A. P. (2022). Jambolão extract and potassium sorbate as antimicrobial components in active packaging. Comunicata Scientiae, 13, e3485. https://doi.org/10.14295/cs.v13.3485



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